Friday, April 6, 2012

Maria José Vitorino

Maria José Vitorino

Maria José Vitorino, Portugal, Literacy, School Libraries

Certified teacher since 1978. Certified librarian (LIS) since 1990. Professional's trainer since 1982. Working on reading promotion since 1973, and within school libraries/media education and literacy field since 1980.

Portugal's School Libraries Network adviser since 1998. Master on Education and Reading (2006). IASL School Librarianship Award (2009). Associations volontary member: ENSIL (Board), IASL, BAD (Ex-Board), THEKA (Board)

Literacy agenda, with a special concern on school libraries development. Mainly portuguese posting, also using spanish, english, french and italian sources. ALFINete meaning ALFIN (information literacy in spanish) and web (Net for Internet).

Theme: information literacy, literacy, reading, critical thinking, school libraries, brazil

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