Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ana Garcia

Ana Garcia

Ana Garcia, Spain, Secondary, English as a Second Language

I've been an English teacher since I was 16 years, first as a private teacher, then as a private school teacher and since the year 2000 I work for public service as secondary teacher. I love my job and I'm always interested in what may help me improve my classes.

Close your books
As I see it, my blog is a hybrid between a personal blog and an educational blog. It is dedicated to my students but also to other students and teachers of English alike.

It is personal in the way that I comment issues that are interesting from my point of view and educational because my goal is always help specially Spanish speakers learn English, whether it be by motivation through songs or actual links.

There are also special pages for students, teachers and another one for parents is coming up soon!!

Theme: 1st cycle ESO, 2nd cycle ESO, Bachillerato, learning to learn, grammar, class ideas, UK, USA, culture, literature, vocabulary, music, videos, interesting topics

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