Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pete Watson

Pete Watson

Pete Watson, UK, Secondary, MFL

Current Head of Spanish in an Independent Boarding school. I speak Spanish, French, Portuguese and basic Italian, having lived in a variety of countries including Colombia, Chile, Portugal and the United Arab Emirates. Interested in use of Web 2.0 technology in the MFL classroom, writing, sports, travel, guitars and foreign film.

MFL Tricks
The aim of this blog is to give ideas for MFL lessons. I think there will be a focus on Web 2.0 tools and other potential uses of technology in the classroom, but I will also add ideas for teaching techniques and games and activities that I use in my own lessons, or have learned from other teachers.

I will tend to give examples from Spanish as this is the language I teach, but hopefully most of the ideas here can be used with other languages as well.

Theme: MFL, spanish, creativity, IT use, language learning, web 2.0 tools, internet, software

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