Thursday, October 2, 2008

Karen Fasimpaur

Karen Fasimpaur

Karen Fasimpaur, USA, Primary, Secondary

An enthusiastic user of mobile technologies and an evangelist for Open Education, Karen Fasimpaur works with schools and educational organizations throughout the U.S. to integrate technology.

She is the co-founder of the K12 Open Ed web site and the Kids Open Dictionary project, an award-winning author, a blogger, and the host of the podcast “Karen’s Educational Mashups.

K12 Open Ed
This blog reflects on issues related to open education and OERs, including mass collaboration, open licenses, open textbooks and wikis, and open source software, with a focus on how these can benefit education.

Mobile Musings
This blogs concerns the use of mobile technology in education and how devices like mini-laptops, handhelds, mobile media players, and more can be used to transform education through focusing on learning objectives and using various technology tools to differentiate instruction.

Themes: OER, creative commons, open, mobile, handhelds, podcasting, differentiating instruction, ebooks