Thursday, October 2, 2008

Jacqui Sharp

Jacqui Sharp

Jacqui Sharp, Auckland, New Zealand, Primary, Secondary

I am an educational technology consultant in New Zealand. I work in schools with teachers and students, run courses in Education Centres on the integration of computers into classrooms and I write books on how to use computer applications in education. I work mainly in the primary and intermediate sector (5 year olds -13 year olds).

ICT teaching and learning
This is all about how to integrate computers into the classroom. Most of the entries in this blog come from working with teachers and seeing what things they need to know.

Web2.0 in Education
Looks at how teachers can use some of the fantastic Web2.0 tools that are available in their teaching and learning.

Course Support Material
Supports the courses I run with tutorials and helpful hints.

Theme: technology integration, web2.0 tools