Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Peter Gow

Peter Gow

Peter Gow, USA, Primary, Secondary, Professional Development, Professional Education

35 years teaching and administration in independent schools, interested in
curriculum, professional development, social justice education, school

Not Your Father's School - currently offline
Working toward answers to these questions: What is a "21st-century education"? How should a modern independent school be managed and led? What's a teacher supposed to do in a world where the ground keeps constantly shifting?

How can a single educator piece together a coherent vision of "school today": management, leadership, curriculum, teaching, tools? What's certain is that the schools we're striving to create today are not your father's (or your mother's) school.

Admirable Faculties - old blog
Issues related to recruiting, hiring, training, and retaining teachers inindependent schools.

The New Progressivism - old blog
Aspects of Progressive Education as it evolves in the 21st century

Themes: teachers, teaching, professional development, teacher recruitment, teacher training, school culture, teacher induction, teacher mentoring, education, 21st century, progressive education, curriculum, social justice education, assessment, independent schools