Saturday, February 2, 2008

John Johnston

John Johnston

John Johnston, Scotland, UK, Primary

Class Teacher 17 years (previously zookeeper for 9 years) Sandaig Primary School in Glasgow. Long Term interest in ICT, originally creation of material for pupil use (HyperCard, Flash) now interested in pupil creation. Organise blogging and podcasting with pupils at Sandaig Primary, probably the longest running primary school blogs and podcasts in Scotland. Also involved in ScotEdublogs.

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Blog about the blogging, podcasting, digital video and other tech we are using, problems and classroom organisation I have tried. I blog tests and tryout technology that I hope to use with the children on their blogs most of these have classroom possibilities or a web 2.0 bias. I also spend a fair bit of time playing with web technology, simple flash and php, mashing up web services. Some of these have potential for using on the children's blogs.

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