Saturday, September 4, 2010

William Kierstead

William Kierstead

William Kierstead, Canada, Primary, Middle, Secondary, K-12, 21st Century Learning

Career Educator, Curriculum Consultant, Learning Specialist, former administrator. Currently Director, 21st Century Research Office. 25 year educator and administrator currently working at the New Brunswick Department of Education researching 21st century learning and working as part of the implementation team.

Instructive Interference - currently offline
Reflections of issues facing educators and policy makers in the pursuit of 21st century skills. Promoting 21st century skills and learning in a bid to move education away from an industrial model to that of the information age. Education must be relevant - to students and the reality of their future.

Theme: 21st century education, project based learning, resources, skills, competencies, technology, stakeholders, parents, pbl, teacher links