Saturday, July 31, 2010

Marina Petrovic

Marina Petrovic

Marina Petrovic, Serbia, Foreign Language School, English as a Foreign Language

I have been teaching English and managing a private language school for 14 years now. This dual aspect of my work gave me invaluable insights into language school dynamics and enabled me to comprehend and empathize with students', teachers' and school owners' problems, needs and aspirations. I believe that technology has enriched learning experience to such a great extent that it cannot be denied, especially by teachers.

Evolving E-circles - currently offline
I have several blogs, but this one is my favourite because there I share my experience of different online tools, virtual classrooms, online teaching methodology, etc.

I started blogging about Psychology in ELT in 2006, but I had this impression that no one was reading, so I stopped and turned this blog into Learn Serbian in 2007 - it's still alive and kicking, becoming more and more popular. What I think I will be doing in the future is creating digitalized language learning content.

Theme: EFL, online teaching, virtual classrooms, online teaching tools, blending teaching