Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jim George

Jim George

Jim George, Japan, English, EFL

Independent language school (Luna International) owner & full-time teacher. Luna is also a Cambridge ESOL open centre (JP004) & I fulfill Team Leader responsibilities wrt training and monitoring oral examiners nationwide.

Luna Student's Room
All our students are encouraged to contribute from time to time. Reflections on graded readers & projects derived from them; writing tasks generated in class or from 'homework'; teachers' bragging about cool class work & introducing new ideas to our following.

Contributors by invitation only - our school's students, teachers, and associates. Contact Jim if you want to add your voice. Comment is free, and very welcome.

Theme: pre-school, immersion, EFL, cambridge ESOL, luna international, matsumoto, nagano, young learners, YLE, english school, eikaiwa

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