Saturday, March 7, 2009

Brad Ovenell-Carter

Brad Ovenell-Carter

Brad Ovenell-Carter, Canada, Middle, Administration

Brad Ovenell-Carter is assistant head of school at Island Pacific School, where he teaches English and philosophy to middle school students. He is currently writing a Master's thesis at Simon Fraser University on how best to use emerging web technologies to develop critical discourse in K-12 students.

Brad maintains a healthy skepticism towards web technology and is a little old-fashioned in his sentiments: he likes Homer and Milton; he think Greek and Latin are fine things to know; and, were it not for the squeaks, he would prefer a chalkboard to his Mac. Unless technology lets him do something he couldn't otherwise do with a stick in the sand, doesn't see much sense it.

Despite this, Brad feels that the only way to make fair assessments of Web 2.0 is to get dirty with it. He moved his whole school over to Google Apps in the fall of 2009 and over the past year has led his staff and students in experiments with wikis, blogs, instant messaging, and web conferencing. He blogs regularly on technology and schooling at A Stick in the Sand.

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