Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pat Orange

Pat Orange

Pat Orange, USA, Secondary, Design, Multimedia, Web Technologies, Photoshop

If it's not fun anymore, I won't continue to teach. In HS teach in the Business and Information Technology department. My passion in teaching lies in Desktop Publishing, Web Design, Photoshop, etc.

The state of VA has chosen to call this course Design, Multimedia, and Web Technologies. Rather than waste time spewing out 12 syllables, I refer to it as DMWT (pronounced Dimwit). Teaching the Advanced DMWT's is the most rewarding.

Teaching Web Design and DTP
I am interested in exchanging ideas with other HS instructors teaching Web Design, Desktop Publishing, Photoshop.

Theme: business and information technology, high school business, web design, desktop publishing, photoshop, graphic design, multimedia, technology, innovative teaching, teaching technology