Saturday, November 22, 2008

Steve Taffee

Steve Taffee

Steve Taffee, USA, Secondary, Independent School, Educational Technology - General

Steve Taffee is a native of Michigan where he worked as a high school English teacher and spent several summers teaching the children of migrant farm workers, before pursuing his advanced degrees.

He next landed on the wind-swept prairies of Fargo North Dakota, where he served as Director of Teacher education at North Dakota State University for seven years, before joining the Minnesota Educational Computing Corporation (later acquired by The Learning Company), where he served in a variety of roles before transferring to their Fremont, CA as office in 1996 as Vice President of Online Services.

Managerial and executive roles at Netscape and a small startup company ensued before he joined Castilleja in 2002. Steve is married (Gloria) and has a daughter (Sarah) who lives on the East coast.

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