Friday, November 21, 2008

Myles Pilling

Myles Pilling

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I am a SEN ICT Adviser for Wiltshire which means I assess and supply equipment to pupils with a range of special needs to enable them to communicate and to record using ICT. I also am pro-active in setting up blogs for a specific range of needs.

Wiltshire is a wide and disparate county with travel difficulties when you are in a hurry. Looking for ways to develop quick and easy communication is a priority the following blogs compliment each other and enable professionals to gather useful tips and information.

All blogs curretnly offline

wiltshire SEN ICT nuggets
SEN and ICT.

wiltshire SENCOs ICT network

wiltshire special schools
For Special Schools.

For therapists of all kinds!

e-learner now!
For 21st century education.

teaching assistant zone
For teaching assistants.

Shareway's Weblog
For sharing information and resources - ways to share online!!

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