Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ram Krishna Singh

Dr Ram Krishna Singh

Dr. Ram Krishna Singh, India, University, Tertiary, Adult, Technical Students, English Language Teaching, English for Specific Purposes, Indian English Poetry

Born, brought up and educated in Varanasi, I am a university professor whose main fields of interest consist of Indian English Writing, especially poetry,and English for Specific Purposes, especially for science and technology. I have been teaching English language skills to undergraduate and postgraduate students of earth and mineral sciences and technology for over three decades.

I have been also involved in teaching Indian English poetry and literary criticism to MPhil (English) students. I have authored more than 160 research articles, 170 book reviews and 35 books, including 13 collections of poems. Some of my poems have been translated into French, Spanish, Romanian, Chinese, Serbian, Croatian, Slovene, Japanese, Bulgarian, German, Italian, Portugues, Greek, Esperanto, Kannada, Tamil, and Bangla.

A book on my poetry, New Indian English Poetry: An Alternative Voice: R.K.Singh (ed: I.K.Sharma, 2004), is a comprehensive presentation of my creativity since the 1970s. My biobibliography appears in some 30 publications in the UK, USA, India and elsewhere. Known as an ESP and haiku practitioner, I am currently Professor and Head, Department of Humanities & Social Sciences, ISM University, Dhanbad 826004.

Resources: India Saijiki, ESL Jobs Forum, Publications (pdf)

They contain almost all my poetry collections published so far besides new poems, particularly haiku and tanka.

Theme: indian english poetry, haiku, tanka, ELT