Sunday, September 28, 2008

Steven Herder

Steven Herder

Steven Herder, Japan, Junior & Senior High School, English as a Foreign Language, EFL, Oral Communication, Writing Classes

Teaching EFL in Osaka, Japan since 1989. MA TEFL University of Birmingham (Dissertation stage) and an avid collaborator. Founded MASH with some very cool people and recently put out a call for submissions for a new book. I'm friendly and approachable, contact me anytime.

Japan Action Research in EFL
Sharing thoughts and ideas from my classroom. My aim with this blog are three-fold: 1) I would like to build a network of teachers with similar interests.
2) I would like to do some collaborative action research related to junior and senior high school teaching.
3) I would like to collect research data that has been conducted in the Japanese context. I look forward to the adventures that lie ahead.

Theme: EFL, collaboration, writing, MASH, JALT, extensive reading, extensive writing