Friday, September 19, 2008

Piboon Sukvijit

Miss Piboon Sukvijit

Miss Piboon Sukvijit, Thailand, Tertiary, English as a Second Language

Became an AFS exchange student to New Zealand in 1997, received a Master's degree in English from Arcadia University, Pennsylvania, USA 2005, received a scholarship and joined UMAP to co-teach at Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia 2008.

Currently teaching at Sripatum University, Bangkok, Thailand. I am personally interested in Second Language Acquisition and others concerned with second language learners and teaching pedagogies...(edutainment and task-based learning and teaching are also my interests)

About teaching and learning experiences with her students in Thailand and in Australia during her visit, about her personal life (family, belief, and other interests such as spiritual living), include good hyperlinks to any teaching and learning web sites.

Theme: L2 teaching and learning, spiritual living (good thoughts for the day), university social responsibility