Thursday, September 18, 2008

Andreas Formiconi

Andreas Formiconi

Andreas Formiconi, Italy, Tertiary, Computer Literacy, Web 2.0, Education, Communication

Andreas Formiconi is a computer science professor at the Medical School of the University of Florence. He is teaching computer literacy in several courses of the Medical School and of the Faculty of Education. With a background in physics, formerly a researcher in the field of medical images reconstruction, he is obsessed by the poor results of conventional education.

Struggling during the last eight years to devise new ways to let students learn, he discovers now to have developed something akin to connectivism thinking without knowing it ...

Insegnare Apprendere Mutare
(Teaching Learning Changing)
This blog is my teacher desk from where I'm looking at the students in the blogroom, trying to guide them to proceed autonomously in a landscape of freely available educational resources.

The blogroom may encompass several classrooms of different curricula that may be scattered in different locations, as far as this makes sense. The blog is also a device to learn from other educators. That's why I try to make the blogroom as transparent as possible.

Theme: openness, context, autonomy, sharing, emergence