Thursday, June 5, 2008

Monika Mehan

Monika Mehan

Monika Mehan, India, Secondary, Biology

I have been teaching Biology for the past 14 years. I see myself as an environmentalist who cares for Mother Earth. I would like to see my students as enviro-prefects who have an enviro-friendly attitude.

I use the IT tools in making teaching and learning an enjoyable experience.

Biology- A Living Science
Biology is not a subject to study but to experience. To know more about the living world. To observe ourselves as a living unit so similar to millions of others on this planet and yet so different.

Biology-for Secondary Level
Activities, questions and slide shows on topics related to biology at secondary level.

Earth Inspires
We are nothing if we try to live in isolation. All that we are and all that we do is possible because we are on this planet, the only one we have.... Love it , protect it, respect it, derive all your inspiration from it, because EARTH NURTURES and EARTH INSPIRES.

Eco Club at KHMS
The rapid growth of Delhi has resulted in significant increase in Environmental Pollution causing great concern. The Govt. of Delhi is concerned with the alarming pollution scenario and has taken a number of steps to control and reduce the environmental pollution.

One such step is formation of Eco Clubs in schools. This is being done to sensitize the students about the importance of Environment.

Theme: biology, environment, activities, save environment, nature, mother earth