Thursday, May 15, 2008

Susan Berry

Susan Berry

Susan Berry, USA, Elementary, Literature, Social Studies, Science, Math, Writing

I have been teaching (in Florida) since 1978, after doing my final Student Teaching in a London, England school through Florida State University. I teach elementary school and also have a master's degree in Educational Technology.

After being a Technology Specialist, then an Integration Specialist, and teaching teachers at the district level, I returned to the classroom so I could actually use the technologies I was teaching other teachers to use with my own class.

My class has just recently started blogging, as it is not something that is widely used in our district. I am a firm believer in project-based education and integrated technology. My challenge is in how to stick with my philosophical beliefs about education in a frantic, standards-based, testing-based, timeline-based state! I am figuring it out as I get my feet wet again in the classroom.

One Room Schoolhouse
This is a new blog that I've started using with my fifth grade students. We are all new to blogging, and have started off using it to expand on our Literature Circle discussions, to recommend books for summer reading, and most recently, to try to connect with other blogging classrooms.

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