Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Jenny Downing

Jenny Downing

Jenny Downing, Geneva, Switzerland, Primary

I am currently a Class 2 teacher at the International School of Geneva. This is my 6th year in Geneva; my third with Class 2. I have also worked at international schools in the UK, Indonesia and Pakistan.

A Window into 2i's World
This blog was set up in the first instance by Kathy Epps at the start of this 2007-8 school year. It sat empty for a week or so.....and then Kathy began uploading photographs I had taken during the course of my teaching as well as notes I had made some of our more lively lessons.

It wasn't too long before I was persuaded that actually it wasn't scary and was quite easy to do these 'clever' things myself. And now, Blogging has kind of taken over my life. It has even somewhat begun to rule my teaching; you can't Blog it? Can't be worth doing!

It is a record of what is going on in my classroom. We are a PYP school and so my posts are all connected with the current (and sometimes an earlier) Unit of Inquiry.

Each child also has their own Blog accessible from the main Blog; this is where examples of individual work are posted (at six and seven years old, they are not really able to do this independently) and it will (hopefully) form an important part of their portfolio this year (and which up to now has always been on paper).

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