Monday, April 7, 2008

Kwan Tuck Soon

Kwan Tuck Soon

Kwan Tuck Soon, Singapore, Primary, Chinese Language, Civic and Moral Education

I am a primary school Chinese language teacher from Singapore. I have been teaching for 3 years and I am passionate about teaching using technology.

Education Soon-to-be
* My personal pedagogical reflections of daily teachings.
* Sharing of ideas and strategies, especially those related with Chinese language teaching and educational technology.
* Links to great tools, websites, edublogs and education news, updates and information.
* Education podcasts, vodcasts, screencasts, and any Web 2.0 media.
* Past, present and future education trends, i.e. Education Soon-to-be.

Theme: teaching, education, education system, educational technology, creativity, future trends, chinese language, mandarin speaking, 21st century literacy, cyberwellness, digital citizenship, web2.0, tools, edublogger, classroom management, engaged learning, blended learning, right brain thinking, flat classroom, wikinomics, classroom2.0, learning2.0