Monday, April 7, 2008

John Otterstedt

John Otterstedt

John Otterstedt, USA, Elementary

I have been an elementary teacher at Ridgewood, New Jersey for the past 12 years. For the past 7 years, I have "looped" with my students, usually taking a class from 3rd to 4th grade. My primary interest in education is a big one - how to do it all. An enthusiastic person by nature, I have dabbled in just about every new education movement that has gained popularity over the past 12 years.

Although the "gurus" associated with these movements tend to think that their method is the only way, I tend to find the best elements of each and integrate them into my eclectic teaching style. It is a style that ranges from "old school" direct instruction (I am big on the "3 R's") to hands-on, interdisciplinary projects that bring the students outside the classroom.

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A Community of Children is my place to riff on project-based learning, service learning, and the magic that occurs when students and teachers roll up their sleeves and make meaning out of the curriculum.

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