Monday, March 3, 2008

Petra Fisser

Petra Fisser

Petra Fisser, Netherlands, Higher Education, Educational Innovation & Implementation

Petra Fisser (1973) graduated in 1996 at the faculty of Educational Science and Technology of the University of Twente on the topic of "Interactive Personalized Course Generation, Design and Prototyping of an Electronic Management Course on the WorldWide Web". This research was carried out at the Dutch Open University. In 1997 she started her PhD study with the title "Using Information and Communication Technology, a process of change in higher education" (see also This research focused on both educational and organisational change, with regard to factors that can have an influence on the decision of an institution for higher education to use ICT in the education.

After finishing her PhD research in 2001, Petra has been working as the head of the department ICT in Education at the University of Amsterdam, where she was involved in the university-wide implementation of the electronic learning environment Blackboard. As from 2003 Petra worked as a programme manager at the Digital University, where she was responsible for the Expertise projects and the implementation of the products which came as a result from these projects.

Since October 2004 Petra works at the University of Twente again, at the faculty of Behavioural Sciences, department Curriculum Development & Educational Innovation, where her research focuses at Educational Innovation and Implementation issues.

Onderwijsinnovatie en Implementatie (Educational Innovation & Implementation)
Petra's blog is about Educational Innovation & Implementation, especially related to her own work: research and education in the field of Curriculum Development & Educational Innovation with a special interest in the use of technology in education.

Theme: education, technology, innovation, implementation, new media