Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Narinder Bhatia

Narinder Bhatia

Narinder Bhatia, India, All Sectors, Educational Technology

Currenlty, managing CII-Shiksha, a non-profit operating in India and helping schools integrate technology into their teaching-learning process. I am a strong supporter of using Open Source in Education and have been professing the same in our Programme. A strong believer in the cause of 'Teachers' Empowerment' to help teachers perceive technology as a useful aid for their teaching-learning and not just a fad.

I have worked on various 'Technology in Education' projects in the past seven years and have understood to a large extent the bottlenecks of technology integration in schools. My mission is to 'simplify technology for education' so that more and more teachers adopt it and harness it properly.

Open Source and Web 2.0 has opened so many avenues that any passionate teacher could transform the teaching-learning process and be able to provide an enhanced experience for the learners.

I am happy to help teachers make a transition from 'classroom teacher to an e-teacher'. I am always working on ideas to make technology simplified for teachers so that they adopt it.

Educational Technology Insights
Deals with issues and solutions about the process of technology integration in schools (in context of teachers)

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A resource house about various useful free/open source tools.

Theme: technology integration, open source in education