Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Katt Blackwell

Katt Blackwell

Katt Blackwell, Texas, USA, Higher Education, Technology & Pedagogy

I am a doctoral rhetoric student planning to write my dissertation on social medias as tools for collaborative research and writing. I currently use a lot of technology in my classroom and my personal life. I teach First Year Composition at Texas Woman's University and am currently working to create a series of technology training workshops for the Graduate Teaching Assistants and adjuncts in my department.

Techno-Rhetoric Cafe
Through the posts on this blog I strive to help teachers feel more comfortable with the use of technology in the classroom by providing examples of how I use technology in the classroom and various ways they too can implement these technologies.

I try to keep up with technologies that are easily implemented into the classroom and with current research and dialogues about these technologies.

Theme: technology, rhetoric, web 2.0, pedagogy, classroom technology implementation, teaching