Monday, March 31, 2008

Deborah W. Proctor

Deborah W. Proctor, Ph.D.

Deborah W. Proctor, Ph.D., USA, Higher Education, Leadership, Education Technology

Proctor's background is in Education with a specialization in education technology. A frequent presenter at regional, state, and international conferences, some of her recent projects at the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities include quality of online learning, online curriculum initiatives, learning objects exchange, accessibility, and priorities and issues of online students.

Her research interests include the integration of technology into curriculum, access issues, and accommodation and accessibility for students with disabilities in higher education. She started blogging about 18 months ago as an action project to find other women bloggers posting on issues of leadership, education technology, and higher education.

ProEd Portal
Doors and entrances are called portals. The term portal has also been used to define a web page starting point. ProEd Portal is a starting point for exploration of and reflections on women's issues related to education technology, higher education, and leadership.

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