Thursday, February 14, 2008

Michelle Gallen

Michelle Gallen

Michelle Gallen, Northern Ireland, UK, All Sectors, Language Learning

I'm a Belfast-based e-learning consultant. I've been in copywriting and e-Learning since 1998. I've created a wide range of e-learning - from globally-deployed courses for Macromedia to niche Irish-language products - across various media - mobile, web, tv and online. Currently, I'm using grant funding to research and develop an Irish-language learning product. I also work with clients across the UK in developing e-learning materials.

I'm hugely interested in mobile learning in all its guises (phones ... ipods ... beermats). I'm keen to experiment on how social networking software can help teachers teach students, and students teach teachers. My secret wish is to go back to college and study neurology. This is why I should do the lottery. Could it be me?

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Michelle Gallen's thoughts on e-learning - what's new, what works, and what's plain daft.

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