Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Joan Vinall-Cox

Joan Vinall-Cox

Joan Vinall-Cox, Canada, Tertiary, All Subjects

I am passionately interested in using computers to support writing and research, and in Multiple Intelligences, Attention Deficit Disorder and its connection to creativity, Jung, Campbell's Monomyth, and arts-based Narrative Inquiry. I received my doctorate in 2004, in education, focussing on the computer and web in teaching. Currently, I do some sessional lecturing, in particular in Oral Rhetoric, plus I consult on writing skills, and on computer use for communications, through my business, JNthWEB.

WebTools For Learners
In this blog I focus on how to use the web for learning and for academic and business purposes, with a focus on communications, writing, and presentations.

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