Monday, February 11, 2008

Jo Rhys-Jones

Jo Rhys-Jones

Jo Rhys-Jones, England, UK, Primary, Languages

Originally a Secondary MFL teacher and now a Primary AST, Jo teaches a whole KS2 class in a tiny school in Devon. Still passionate about language-learning, she also spends a day and a half a week helping run MFL courses for colleagues on subjects such as 'Mixed-Age Planning' and anything that helps non-specialist teachers with delivering languages.

In her spare time she set up Talkabout Primary MFL and has been both inspired and encouraged by bloggers such as Joe Dale, Paul Harrington, Lisa Stephens, Chris Fuller, Isabelle Jones, the list goes on and on...

Jo has also set up a class blog and another private ning network for her school.

Talkabout Primary MFL - currently offline
A ning network which brings together mini-blog pages for anyone teaching or thinking of teaching languages in a primary school.

Theme: languages, french, german, spanish, italian, primary, literacy education, MFL, PMFL, PL, teaching