Thursday, February 21, 2008

Janien Benaets

Janien Benaets

Janien Benaets, Belgium, Secondary, Dutch language and Literature (and German)

MA Philology K.U.Leuven and Universiteit Antwerpen (Language and Literature: Dutch and German). Former language teacher. Blogger at The Sausage Machine.

The Sausage Machine
In 'The Sausage Machine' you can find the sunny side of language and literature learning. In connecting and in sharing knowledge on the blog (also metacognition) we - students > 20 as well as the administrator - stimulate and reveal each other’s learning and teaching capacity, competency and creativity. Each result, each product or project is a touchstone on the way of a new way of learning: strongly motivating and challenging, surprisingly enjoyable.

Associated to our edublog: the wikis 1) Het Scriptorium for writing exercises and paper writing in Dutch, 2) project07 for Reading and Writing Art and 3) di-da-deutsch didactics for German.

Theme: literature education 2.0, dutch, german, web 2.0 in education, young authors >20, talent scouting, writing art, poetry, literature, bebo boomers