Monday, December 29, 2014

M. S. P. Murugesan

M.S.P. Murugesan

M.S.P. Murugesan, India, All Sectors, Language

Teacher in all grades Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools for 32 years. Wrote and published 1000 articles; fiction and non fiction. Blogging since 1999.

Teaching Hindi through Tamil.

Theme: hindi, language learning

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Ryan Tracey

Ryan Tracey

Ryan Tracey, Australia, Adult, E-Learning

Ryan Tracey is the E‑Learning Manager at a well‑known financial services organisation in Australia. He is also an Editorial Board Member for eLearn Magazine, a moderator for Lrnchat, and a co-organiser of Third Place in Sydney.

E-Learning Provocateur
Provoking deeper thinking in e-learning.

Theme: e-learning, elearning, instructional design, corporate, workplace, educational technology, pedagogy, learning, education, training, technology, online

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Saturday, December 13, 2014



AppsEvents, USA, K12, Google Apps for Education

AppsEvents are a Google in Education partner and organiser of Google in Education Summits worldwide in partnership with the ‘Google in Education’ team.

We are a global team, with members located in Asia, the US and Europe and we are a mix of practicing educators and Education Technology specialists. All of our team are Google Education Trainers and/or Google Certified Teachers and many are Google Apps Certified Administrators.

We all share a commitment to a vision of cloud computing, and Google technologies in particular, to help schools run more efficiently, to assist individual educators better perform their work, and most importantly to prepare students for today's changing tech landscape.

AppsEvents Google Apps for Education Blog
Updates, tips, and tricks on using Google tools in the classroom.

Theme: education, google apps, edtech

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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Alfredo Prieto Martín

Alfredo Prieto Martín

Alfredo Prieto Martín, Spain, Secondary, Tertiary, Professional Development, University Teaching

Alfredo Prieto is an immunology professor at the University of Alcalá (Spain) After a decade of research (best youg researcher Award 2000 at the University of Alcalá) I pivoted to an teaching oriented career. In 2005 I started to lead workshops on teaching and professional development of university teachers. Ten years later I have a record of more than 100 university teaching workshops along 22 Universities.

In 2012 I founded the Profesor 3.0 blog (It is written in Spanish) which has received 50.000 visits. In 2014 I was awarded with the fourth world position at TEMS 2013 (Top E-learning Movers and Shakers) and also received the Prize of teaching innovation at Alcalá University.

Profesor 3.0
It helps to improve university teaching ansd learning. I share al the ideas I think can help to the community of spanish speaking universty teachers to improve the learning of their students. The blog is centered in how active, inductive and flipped metodologies can improve the learning and personal development of our students.

Theme: active learning, inductive learning, gamification, flipped learning, backward design, teaching gurus, teaching tips, assessment methods, spanish

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Monday, December 1, 2014

Ricardo Profetecno

Ricardo Profetecno

Ricardo Profetecno, España, Secundaria

Profesor del Área de Tecnología en Educación Secundaria y Profesor del Máster del Profesorado.

Tecnología en el I.E.S. de Sahagún
Blog del Departamento de Tecnología del I.E.S de Sahagún.

Theme: enseñanza, secundaria, tecnología, IES

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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Vicky Papageorgiou

Vicky Papageorgiou

Vicky Papageorgiou, Greece, Adult

Vicky Papageorgiou is a foreign language teacher (English, Italian, Greek) with approximately 20 years of experience with mainly adult learners. For over 15 years she has been preparing students for English language exams of various exam boards. She holds an MA in Education (Open Univ. of Cyprus) and an MA in Art (Goldsmiths College, UK) and she is currently studying at University of Wales Trinity Saint David for her PGCE in Technology Enhanced Learning.

She studied in Greece, Italy and the UK but also participated in an international project for the McLuhan program in Culture and Technology for the University of Toronto, Canada. Her fields of interest are Inquiry Based learning, ESL and Art, translation, use of video. She is currently based in Thessaloniki (Greece) working as an Adjunct Lecturer at AMC College for the past 5 years, preparing students for IELTS, teaching ESP and General English.

This is a blog about 30 goals, my projects, Art and ESl, lesson plans.

Theme: wikipedia projects, art, ESL

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Tara Warmerdam

Tara Warmerdam

Tara Warmerdam, USA, Secondary, English Language Arts/Reading

I have a BA and MA in English from UC Davis, and I hold a Professional Clear Single Subject English CLAD Credential in California. I have taught high school English and college writing courses.

A Reading Corner for Teachers & Writers
Thoughts on reading, writing, teaching, reading strategies, literature, professional development book reviews and curriculum design.

Theme: reading strategies, book club, professional development, book reviews, curriculum, curriculum design, storytelling, children's literature, young adult literature

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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Aoife Farrell

Aoife Farrell, Ireland, Primary, English

I'm a Primary School Teacher currently teaching children with English as an additional/second language. I've been teaching for 6 years and this is my second year in this area.

The blog is a collection of poems suitable for young children learning english. The headings that the poems fall under are in line with the topics to be covered in the Up and Away Programme, the guidelines laid out by the Department of Education in Ireland for teaching English as an additional language.

The poems are simple and vocabulary rich. They are accompanied by pictures of vocabulary and suitable for interactive whiteboard use. They will have worksheet and whiteboard activities to accompany them soon.

The idea for the site came about due to frustration trying to find poems simple enough for young english language learners to understand, learn and enjoy.

Theme: english language, poetry, poems, language learning, ESL, ELL, teaching resources

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