Saturday, November 1, 2014

Aoife Farrell

Aoife Farrell, Ireland, Primary, English

I'm a Primary School Teacher currently teaching children with English as an additional/second language. I've been teaching for 6 years and this is my second year in this area.

The blog is a collection of poems suitable for young children learning english. The headings that the poems fall under are in line with the topics to be covered in the Up and Away Programme, the guidelines laid out by the Department of Education in Ireland for teaching English as an additional language.

The poems are simple and vocabulary rich. They are accompanied by pictures of vocabulary and suitable for interactive whiteboard use. They will have worksheet and whiteboard activities to accompany them soon.

The idea for the site came about due to frustration trying to find poems simple enough for young english language learners to understand, learn and enjoy.

Theme: english language, poetry, poems, language learning, ESL, ELL, teaching resources

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

RIck Rood

Rick Rood

Rick Rood, USA, Primary, Secondary, Motivation, Self-Growth

I have worked in the Out-of-school-time profession for 25 years, and as a trainer of teachers and other education professionals since 2000. I am passionate about education systems and the 'singularity' that the field of education will experience in the near future.

Motivational and inspirational pieces fostering a sense of identity and worth in educators; creating a system of education and out-of-school-time based on the Universal Laws.

Theme: OST, afterschool, motivation, inspiration, reform, education, free-range, universal laws, meaning

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Bibiana Vargas Morales

Bibiana Vargas Morales, Spain, Primary, TechEd, Digital Citizenship, Blended Learning

Since 2004 I have been involved in early childhood development, started working with fist cycle education, sung art and technology (smart boards and pc´s at the time) as a vehicle. Since then I have translated a number of pieces of work from English to Spanish until a few months back when I have rounded up myself to start my own writing and publishing through my blog.

Content Art
Focuses on content, copywrite and social media specifically oriented to the use of social media tools for enhancing education processes, providing general knowledge to parents specially about the WHAT IS, blended learning, flipped classrooms and techEd.

Theme: techEd, digital citizenship, digital culture, blended learning

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Jim Detwiler

Jim Detwiler

Jim Detwiler, USA, Primary, Secondary, Pre-K12, Education

Jim is the Assistant Superintendent for Learning Support Services in the Boone County Schools, Kentucky, USA. He is a former elementary school principal and music teacher, and frequent Magic Bean Buyer. Jim promotes developing students' 21st century skills through engaging project based learning and innovative teaching & learning. He is often heard telling students, "Go Make Stuff!"

He is pursuing an EdD with interests in parent engagement and effective teacher dispositions. Jim is most happy when he is with his beautiful wife and two children lost in Orte, Italy. He is a 2014 Bammy Award Nominee and a 2014 Kentucky PTA Outstanding Educator. Jim is the Co-host of "Coloring Outside the Lines" on the BAM Radio Network PULSE and a member of the moderator team for #PTchat Wednesday nights at 9 pm EST on Twitter.

Two fun facts about Jim: He walked a tightrope in his HIGH SCHOOL production of "Barnum", and he enjoyed 15 minutes of Andy Warhol fame when he and friend Chad made the video "Snowhemian Rhapsody" Nutty School Closing on YouTube.

Contact Jim on Twitter @JimDetwiler1 and on Voxer at jdetwi691.

This Is Where MY Sidewalk Ends...
Views of a magic-bean-buying school leader and dreamer.

Theme: k-12, lead learner, parent engagment, principal, school, ed leader, #edchat, #ptchat, #satchat, innovation

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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Deborah Aubin

Deborah Aubin

Deborah Aubin, USA, Primary, Special Education, Education, Literacy

Deb is a special education teacher and literacy specialist. Advocates for children. Loves animals, history, world cultures and the arts.

Education is Special
Education is special features special education issues with a side of literacy. Daily links will be featured for parents, educators, and children. Also There will be a daily book review. A suggested reading list is included for young adults, children, and educators.

Deb holds a master's degree in education. Deb is passionate about teaching special education students.

Theme: books, education, ADHD, autism, activities, book review, education, reading, writing

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Angela Sato

Angela Sato

Angela Sato, Perú, Children, Teens, Adults, English

English teacher since 2010. Mother of one child. I look forward opennes, creativity and having fun!

Angela's English classes
The goal of my blog is to help my students outside the clasroom by providing extra practice, tips and extra information.

Theme: english, tips, learner tools

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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Rebecca Wylie

Rebecca Wylie

Rebecca Wylie, UK, Secondary, MFL

German and French Teacher. Lead Teacher for Talented, Able and Gifted education.

On Target Teaching
A blog to encourage more MFL teachers to teach in the Target Language, by documenting my own endeavours with a Year 7 class from day 1.

Staffroom Swap Shop
A cross-curricular swap and share website for good practice.

Theme: german, french, MFL, target language, teaching

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Friday, August 1, 2014



Meritxell, Spain, Infant, Primary, English

I'm an Infant and Primary English teacher and ... I love it!

Fun English Kids
Fun English Kids is a blog aimed at children who enjoy learning English. Here you'll find online games, songs, stories and some of our worksheets and workshops.

Theme: infant, primary, english, resources

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