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Óscar Coronado Martínez

Óscar Coronado Martínez

Óscar Coronado Martínez, España, Educación Primaria, Primary, English & Science

My name is Óscar Coronado, and I am an English teacher in a Bilingual School in Murcia, Spain. I have been teaching for a long time to children aged 6-12 years old. My vocation for teaching children is the most amazing thing that has happened in my life. Apart from teaching, I am very keen on new technologies, and also in making researches in the fields of methodologies and techniques to be applied into my classroom. For that purpose, a few years ago I decided to go abroad to teach, and keep working in my professional development, as well as to achieve more experience and expertise in teaching a second language to young children. I consider that an international teaching experience provides teachers not only with a valuable new teaching and cultural knowledge, but also with great personal growth. Fortunately, after my experience, the reference letters that I got said things like the ones that I quote below:

"Óscar understands the craft of teaching. Óscar was dedicated to his students and had good relationships with them. Parents felt that Óscar was doing a good job. They reported that the children enjoyed Mr. Coronado's class and that they were seeing noticeable progress in their children's language development".

Teacher Oscar Coronado
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