Friday, April 1, 2016

Sonya Van Schaijik

Sonya Van Schaijik

Sonya Van Schaijik, New Zealand, Primary

Sonya Van Schaijik is an experienced teacher from Auckland, New Zealand, whose teaching and thinking are underpinned by SOLO Taxonomy. She is tattooed with the Samoan woman’s malu, is a bilingual learner who speaks Samoan fluently, and has trained in effective pedagogies for bilingual education and ESOL.

At Newmarket Primary School, she has responsibility for the integration of technology into teaching and learning programmes in ways that maximise student learning outcomes. She is a connected educator and builds spaces for teachers to share their learning. She was a recipient of an e-fellowship with CORE Education Ltd in 2011 and TeachNZ fellowship in 2013.

Sonya Van Schaijik
A space to think out loud. A space to reflect on my practice. A space to share my learning.

Theme: education, solo taxonomy, teacher, learning, flat connections, leadership, reflection

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