Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Andy Ross

Andy Ross

Andy Ross, UK, Primary, Early Years

Hi, I'm an experienced primary and early years teacher with a particular interest in raising barriers to professionals in education. I am passionate about the importance of effective leadership, ways that teaching staff can be best utilised and optimising the time in the classroom.

I have a background in experimental physics, so love all things practical and investigative in the classroom, and believe that the journey that academic journey that children take in the early years is probably as daunting and exciting as doing doctoral research - it's a voyage in to the unknown that needs freedom and careful assistance.

A teacher's views on the practise, policy and philosopy of early years and primary education
My blog is an outlet for some of my musings over the current state of early years and in particular I like to address issues which I think are critical to professionals achieving their very best. This could be what effective leadership looks like, how to carry out effective formative assessment or ways that continuing professional development can be used to help us maintain our passion for children's minds and learning.

Theme: early years, early years leadership, early years professionals, ECE leaders, ECE leadership, school management, school leadership, continuing professional development,CPD in schools

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