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Alfredo Prieto Martín

Alfredo Prieto Martín

Alfredo Prieto Martín, Spain, Secondary, Tertiary, Professional Development, University Teaching

Alfredo Prieto is an immunology professor at the University of Alcalá (Spain) After a decade of research (best youg researcher Award 2000 at the University of Alcalá) I pivoted to an teaching oriented career. In 2005 I started to lead workshops on teaching and professional development of university teachers. Ten years later I have a record of more than 100 university teaching workshops along 22 Universities.

In 2012 I founded the Profesor 3.0 blog (It is written in Spanish) which has received 50.000 visits. In 2014 I was awarded with the fourth world position at TEMS 2013 (Top E-learning Movers and Shakers) and also received the Prize of teaching innovation at Alcalá University.

Profesor 3.0
It helps to improve university teaching ansd learning. I share al the ideas I think can help to the community of spanish speaking universty teachers to improve the learning of their students. The blog is centered in how active, inductive and flipped metodologies can improve the learning and personal development of our students.

Theme: active learning, inductive learning, gamification, flipped learning, backward design, teaching gurus, teaching tips, assessment methods, spanish

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