Monday, September 29, 2014

Bibiana Vargas Morales

Bibiana Vargas Morales

Bibiana Vargas Morales, Spain, Primary, TechEd, Digital Citizenship, Blended Learning

Since 2004 I have been involved in early childhood development, started working with fist cycle education, sung art and technology (smart boards and pc´s at the time) as a vehicle. Since then I have translated a number of pieces of work from English to Spanish until a few months back when I have rounded up myself to start my own writing and publishing through my blog.

Content Art
Focuses on content, copywrite and social media specifically oriented to the use of social media tools for enhancing education processes, providing general knowledge to parents specially about the WHAT IS, blended learning, flipped classrooms and techEd.

Theme: techEd, digital citizenship, digital culture, blended learning

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