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Miriam Paternoster

Miriam Paternoster

Miriam Paternoster, Italy, Secondary, Art

I’m an Italian art teacher and I'm teaching in a Middle School of North Italy. I was born and raised in a small village of North Italy. My Secondary School education specialized in Art and Decoration and my graduation was in Academy of Fine Arts of Venice.

I then specialised in restoration at the National School of Restoration “Opificio delle Pietre Dure” in Florence, and I worked in many Italian cities.

I left Italy with my three children to accompany my husband, a general surgeon, for his volunteer work with “Doctors with Africa Cuamm” in Ethiopia and in Tanzania for four years. Later I worked as Art Teacher at Middle School in Italy and since 2011 I have lived with my family in London, Wales and Bristol, where my husband was working. Since 2008 I worked on my blog to share, swap and explore lessons, educational systems, techniques and creations in other classrooms around the world.

Arte a Scuola
The title means Art at School: this blog is a place to share, swap, and explore lessons, educational systems, art techniques and creations in other art classrooms around the world, in order to promote the creativity in the classroom and in life.

Theme: art lesson, painting, drawing, clay, art & technology, teaching art, art techniques

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