Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dipesh Dulal

Dipesh Dulal, Nepal, All Sectors, Distance, Lifelong Learning, Education for Sustainable Development

Dipesh is environmental educator and also works in projects for teacher development in environmental education and sustainability education. He founded Nepalese Teacher Network for Sustainable Education and has inspired many other edubloggers from Nepal.

Nepalese Teacher Network for Sustainable Education
Nepalese Teacher Network for Sustainable Education (NTNSE) is the online and offline network of Nepalese teachers, teacher trainees and stakeholders for sharing ideas, views, opportunities, experiences and expertise for making this world a better place to live.

NTNSE started as the informal group of Nepalese teachers in 2009. We have been organising offline leadership sessions, experience sharing meetings and online blog (this website) since then. Many Nepalese teachers. teacher trainees and stakeholders have been joining the network.

Skype : dipesh.dulal
Facebook : dulal.dipesh
Twitter: dipeshdulal
Linkedin: http://np.linkedin.com/in/dipeshdulal
Nepalese Teacher Network for Sustainable Education: http://www.nepaleseteacher.org
Sustainable Education Group - Nepal: http://www.seg.org.np

Theme: ESD, education for sustainable development, nepalese teachers

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