Thursday, June 6, 2013

Marina Prete

Marina Prete

Marina Prete, Italy, Primary, Adult, English FL

Teacher in a primary school; teacher trainer: I teach both English to colleagues (they have to reach B1) and methodology for primary school teaching.

Reach your B1
It is a blog for a group of Italian primary school teachers, who are going to be tested for B1 level; following the posts, they should be able to continue their self learning.

English Materials
This is a blog for primary school children, who can revise, practice, play with English. There is something for teachers and parents as well. I often use this blog with the IWB, because there are a lot of ready to use materials.

Theme: english learning, english lessons, B1, adult education, self learning, Italian primary teachers, lifelong learning, teacher education, english for young learners, efl, iwb, clil, english teaching

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