Friday, April 12, 2013

Aspasia Nithavrianaki

Aspasia Nithavrianaki

Aspasia Nithavrianaki, Greece, Primary, Secondary, Geography, Badminton

I am a middle school teacher of physical education. Gratuated from the department of physical education and athletics of University of Athens with the specialization in Phys. Ed for people with disabilities. I am also a student of European culture in the Hellenic Open University. Love my family, teaching, playing badminton, travelling and reading - and exactly in that order :)

badminton/αντιπτεριση 1ου γυμνασίου άνω λιοσιων
Blog that describe our love in school for badminton.

Parnitha, lung of Attika
Environmental program for the mountain of parnitha

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