Thursday, February 14, 2013

Aleksandra Arsik

Aleksandra Arsik

Aleksandra Arsik, Macedonia, All Sectors, e-Learning, Online Education

My educational background is in social sciences. I have B.A. in English Language and Literature, Faculty of Philology and MSc Communication, ISPII, both within the University Sts Cyril and Methodius, Skopje, Macedonia.

The constant interest in new media, social studies, methodology of social researches, public relations, globalization and communication, public opinion, computer communication and cyber culture, communication theories, management in media and cultural institutions, education, literature and English language development trends have helped me develop OnlineCultus

For more details about me, you can visit: Aleksandra Arsik

Online place, for popular and relevant sources on online educational. Place where everyone who wants to learn something new, to improve skills, to obtain educational degree or is interested in online education development, can find comprehensive sources from all variety of sources available online.

The knowledge from the ancient civilizations, up to current new technological developments is equally represented and available.

Theme: education, online learning

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