Friday, January 11, 2013

Tess Beebe Olten

Tess Beebe Olten

Tess Beebe Olten, USA, e-Learning for Higher Education

I am passionate about and devoted to the field of e-learning. Not an expert, really, but a long-time community technology advocate who values lifelong learning in both formal/traditional and personal/nontraditional contexts.

I work in the field of e-learning in the Centers for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, Office of Distance Education and Extended Studies at Alabama A&M University. I am a lifelong learner and an advocate of the theories of connectivism and curatorial education.

eLearnista covers everything from the basics for newcomers to the more pedagogical theories of connectivism and curatorial education. I assume nothing about the prior knowledge/experience of the reader and therefore make my blog a great entry point for the uninitiated and those hesitant about and/or resistant to e-learning.

Theme: e-learning, academic technology, educational technology

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