Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dan Aivaliotis-Martinez

Dan Aivaliotis-Martinez

Dan Aivaliotis-Martinez, Australia, Primary, Technology

My name is Dan Aivaliotis-Martinez. I have been a primary educator for the last 10 years and have taught in various educational settings in Australia and Europe.

I am foremost a student of new technology and new approaches in education. I learn through experimentation and I believe we learn best when we evolve and grow through our own personal learning journey. I take risks and encourage my students to do the same. Our mistakes and failures provide us with powerful learning opportunities.

I believe that technology can not only enhance education but transform it in ways that we could never have imagined only a few years ago.

I am passionate about providing engaging and creative opportunities for all students, where the effective use of technology allows for transformative learning to occur.

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My blog was established to share ideas, reflect on my practise as a life long learner and to celebrate the challenges of pushing your boundaries and comfort zones as an educator.

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