Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dorothea Nelson

Dorothea Nelson

Dorothea Nelson, Antigua & Barbuda, Tertiary, Educational Technology

Former elementary and high school teacher. Taught high English Language and English Literature, also Public Library Director. Lifelong learning enthusiast.

BA English from the University of the West Indies, MSc Econ Management of Libraries and Information Services from the University of Wales. Currently pursuing PhD in Educational Technology with Walden University.

Particularly interested in authentic teaching and learning, online social presence and beginning a new career teaching online.

Dorothea Nelsn's Blog
The blog focuses on topics from my PhD courses, and issues in education in the Caribbean.

Theme: education, technology, theorists, theory, constructivism, constructivists, connectivism, mind map, dorothea Nelson's blog, teachers, students, elearnng

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