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Bergin G

Bergin G

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I am Bergin G working as District coordinator (Inclusive Education), Sharva Shiksha Abhiyan, Kanyakumari Distict, Tamilnadu, India. Previously I was working as a PG physics teacher in Good shepherd HSS, Nagercoil.

Science Tablets
Discussing science concept in a simple way with lot of illustration.

Classroom is a place where tremendous information and ideas that can be exchanged among children. However, in the traditional classroom the children have asked to do assembly task with tying their hands with lot of constrains. The condition is a great pity in the special schools. The reading/writing and mathematical skills exhibited by deaf people are well below that of hearing people, although their mental capabilities are the same.

The deaf children cannot able to develop the basic listening skill out of the four skills. Therefore, they cannot develop speaking skill like regular children. Only by looking the lip movement of the speaker, the deaf children might develop the listening skill. Without a fully developed first language, it is difficult to develop spoken language for them.

Even though there have been enormous developments in the area of multimedia use, such as the internet, CD-ROMs, video conferencing, e-mails, this does not guarantee a satisfactory work life for these children. Therefore, a modified informal elearning system is an urgent need for these children. So please help these children with special needs with the help of blended learning.

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