Saturday, April 21, 2012

M Jurado

M Jurado

M Jurado, Spain, Primary, Seconday, Tertiary, Further, English as a Foreign Language

I am a passionate language teacher with a keen interest in the learning process and the role that education can play in providing opportunities for personal development. Being European and having lived in several different countries in the EU made me acutely aware of how important it is being able to speak several languages.

I am convinced of the enormous need that we have in Europe for effective and empowering language teachers that can lead us to a fuller use of our human resources in building strong societies and economies. My motivation to become such an inspiring teacher has been complemented with my academic qualifications and my extended teaching experience in the field of modern languages.

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Helping teachers to prepare students for the Trinity College GESE Exams (GESE/ISE/ESOL)

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