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Lora Helvie-Mason

Lora Helvie-Mason

Lora Helvie-Mason, USA, Tertiary

With a bachelor’s degree from Purdue University in Agricultural Communication and minors in Communication Studies and International Studies, Dr. Mason's journey in education has truly been an interdisciplinary approach. She completed her Master’s degree in Communication Studies from Ball State University in 2003 and graduated with her Ed.D in Adult, Higher, and Community Education with a Cognate in Communication Studies in 2007.

Dr. Helvie-Mason’s research involves the understanding of education as a culture and communication as an avenue to matriculating successfully through that culture. She explores technology and instruction through a communicative lens. Her work has emphasized the marginalized voices within education, including female faculty members, minorities, and inmates. As she teaches communication courses in public speaking, advanced public speaking and debate and argumentation, Dr. Helvie-Mason utilizes a reflective pedagogy which gives the students opportunities to shape and direct their learning experiences.

Communication & Higher Education: Life on the Tenure Track
Exploring life on the tenure-track at a teaching institution, this blog examines communication within higher education including: faculty life, socialization, issues faced by faculty, teaching and pedagogy, and technology in higher education.

Examining strategies for communication within the culture of higher education is increasingly important. This blog candidly explores trends in higher education culture, access, information flow, and faculty life.

Theme: higher education, communication, tenure, faculty, educational technology, pedagogy, instruction

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