Friday, January 27, 2012

Denver Leigh

Denver Leigh

Denver Leigh, USA, Educational Technology

With my hat rack in hand, I am a Teacher of Students with Disabilities, district curriculum developer, educational technology workshop creator for professional development, NJ-ASK-6 coordinator, campus yearbook coordinator, and elementary school website coordinator. I am an aspiring writing and soon to be doctoral student in Educational Leadership & Technology. I am passionate about my career, yet the best job I hold full-time is being a mother of three and the wife to my number one fan.

In August 2011, the idea behind iTeach CAFE was born. Beginning as a simple notion to create a new blog, my thoughts grew rapidly and soon I found myself building an entire website worth of ideas! Used as a tool for networking and brainstorming, iTeach CAFE is a think tank. The journey towards earning my Doctorate in Educational Leadership & Technology is scheduled to set course in July 2012. Selfishly, this site is a place where I can consolidate my passion for technology and maintain a record of what information, data, and resources are important to my goals.

iTeach CAFE - currently offline
In a nutshell:

iTeach CAFE ... a small idea with a lot of purpose.
"i" ... meaning me ... or you ... anyone in education.
Teach ... it's what I do ...what we do ... on so many levels.
CAFE ... Computer Applications For Education

iTeach CAFE is a place where humor and irony concerning educational technology will be welcomed ... and hopefully shared! I value your feedback ... no, scratch that ... I want your feedback! Share with me your experiences, ideas, and strategies. Point me in a new direction, argue my ideas, support my curiosities ... be a part of my goals! I do not believe success is an independent adventure and look forward to embracing a new community of my peers. Thanks for joining my journey!

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