Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Marti Weston

Marti Weston

Marti Weston, USA, K-12 Educators, Parents

I focus on educational technology and digital citizenship in a K-12 school community, addressing all the learning and digital issues that challenge teachers, students, and parents. With more than 30 years of teaching experience, I also teach regular technology education classes to parents.

I also blog at As Our Parents Age and at GDSTechTips

Media! Tech! Parenting!
f you are a teacher, parent, or other adult working with children my blog aims to help you learn as much as possible about helping digital kids grow into thoughtful, collaborative, and savvy digital citizens.

The blog's mission is to help adults understand more about the digital world, 21st century learning, and the virtual environment that children take for granted.

I have also had posts published on the Teaching Tolerance blog at the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Theme: digital citizenship, media literacy, media, digital kids, digital learning, digital parenting, educational technology, personal learning, networks, learning, educational resources, change, collaboration, technology integration, digital media, professional development, parent digital education

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